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New K-Board Feature

Shel Radin KF0UR
Hi all,

We want to let you know of a new feature in the QRPworks K-Board for the
KX2, KX3, K3, K3S.

In our first firmware release, using the free Message Management Utility
that runs on a PC or Mac, you could define 10 named groups of 20 messages
and/or rig macros (80 characters each).  You then selected a group to
download to the K-Board for use.  A group might be for Field Day, SOTA
activation, NPOTA, a contest, or any event / outing you could think of.  

With the new Message Management Utility now available (version 2.0) and the
latest K-Board firmware (version 2.2.1), you can download all 10 groups of
messages / macros (that's up to 200) to the K-Board.  Then in the K-Board,
you can select the group of 20 messages / macros to use (with a wireless or
wired keyboard).  The K-Board will confirm the group selected by displaying
the group name (i.e."Field Day") on the rig's scrolling text display.

In addition, you can edit the messages / macros in the field, in case you
forgot something or need to make a change.

So you can send messages in CW, RTTY, or PSK by using a message or just
typing on the keyboard.

Current K-Board users can upgrade for free.  Please contact QRPworks if
you'd like to do so.

Tnx & 73,

Shel KF0UR & Steve KB3SII