New P3/SVGA 1.20/1.10 firmware is available

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New P3/SVGA 1.20/1.10 firmware is available

Paul Saffren N6HZ
New P3/SVGA firmware is now available as a general release.  This firmware is currently shipping in all new factory built and kit P3's and SVGA boards.   If you are upgrading from a BETA release, please make sure data terminal mode and fixed tune are turned OFF before upgrading.   You will need version or later of the P3 Utility which is available here.
For help with data terminal mode, macros and beacon features, refer to the Quick Start Guide.  An updated manual will be available shortly.

Release Notes:

MCU 01.20 / 9-14-2012

* Supports SVGA data mode, including new SVGA menu entries:  "SVGA data" on/off, "SVGA fntD" (data display font), "SVGA WinR" (receive window size), and "SVGA WinT" (transmit window size).
* Allows upgrading SVGA firmware with SVGA data mode enabled.
* The center frequency and span are saved in EEPROM when in "0 Hz" mode.
* Eliminates possible invalid values for SVGA data font and window size when upgrading firmware.

P3SVGA 01.10 / 09-28-2012

* Data display mode added for external monitor.
* USB PC keyboard support added.
* Video resolutions 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1920x1080 now use a PLL generated clock making them more compatible with a wider variety of monitors.
* Fixed span adjustment so that it now shows correct 500 Hz steps when span is below 10 KHz.
* The second LED on the SVGA board now lights when a keyboard is attached and is off when keyboard is removed.
* Cleaned up font 2, letters and numbers are clearer.
* Fixed bug in which strong or scaled up signals would show inverted.