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stan levandowski

KX1 serial #2967 purchased 12/08/2016 is for sale. 
Absolute mint condition.

Includes all options: KXAT1 internal ATU, KXB3080 adapter, and KXPD1.
 Also includes Array Solutions 12 VDC @ 1 amp linear power supply. 
Shipped with all original documentation and invoices.

The KXB3080 option was built up and installed by Don Wilhelm on
01/10/2017 and the entire transceiver was inspected and adjusted by Don
found to be totally within Elecraft spec.

Asking $475 and I will take care of shipping and
insurance. CONUS. PayPal.  If interested please email me offline.
Reason for selling:  I have a KX2.
73, Stan WB2LQF
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