OT KX1: For Sale Hi-Q-antennas NVIS Hi-Q-3/80 TAD $600 or Wanted To Trade for KX1

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OT KX1: For Sale Hi-Q-antennas NVIS Hi-Q-3/80 TAD $600 or Wanted To Trade for KX1

Daniel Paul Perez

Non-military version -- NVIS Hi-Q-3/80 motorized remote TAD
tune-a-dipole on mounting base.  With MFJ controller worth more than
$1,050 new. http://www.hiqantennas.com/  Can be used as two mobile units.

2 Giant Quick disconnects (GQD’s)
2 Whip Quick Disconnects (WQD's)
2 4-lobe CapHat's
Reed Switches
MFJ-1924 controller

$600 or best offer.
Consider Trade for Elecraft KX1 with all options (30/80, ATU, key)


Daniel AD1P


More information @


[From Hi-Q Website] “Hi-Q-3/80 Tune-A-Dipole 10-80 Meter HF Portable
antenna. The Tune-A-Dipole is available in both a Manually Tunable
version and a Remotely Tunable (Motorized) version. The rotatable
Hi-Q-Tune-A-Dipole HF antenna is very light and transportable -- just 7
pounds -- with the longest element only 34" long, when broken down for
transportation. It is based on the Hi-Q-3/80 XTL (Extra Light) HF mobile
antenna. A pair, back to back, assembles in minutes. The Hi-Q loading
coil (Q=360) handles SSB legal limit and will tune CONTINUOSLY from
10-80 M including the NEW 60 M band.”

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