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Dick Dickinson

There was a time when I would have agreed with you.  In this day and age,
Win 10 is complicated beyond this user's capability to follow a set of
mutually exclusive text menus and settings with more on/off switches than a
bunch of Altair 8800's stacked to the ceiling and cascaded additionally.
Who outside of specialists can understand the implications of so many

There was also a time when Googling a resolution of a Windows matter was
fairly easily had.  Anymore one can spend hours reading what doesn't apply
to find what does apply.

The overhead of maintaining my system has grown quite a bit.

PC ---> Personal Computer..?  No longer.  It may be 'personal' in that one
owns the hardware...arguably the software.  The resources required to keep
up with it get a bit beyond 'personal.'  

Dick - KA5KKT

PS  What wonders await us in May..?

"Regarding computer-related problems, having provided on-line and telephone
tech support for Gateway, the majority of troubles with which I helped were
user-induced.  I liken the issue to when I had responsibility for a small
phone system--lack of knowledge on using that "tool."  I assert we need to
have sufficient knowledge to operate and maintain our computers, just like
our radios.  Sometimes we need to seek help from others, often found on this

- K8TE"

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