P3 1.35/SVGA 1.22 BETA Firmware available

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P3 1.35/SVGA 1.22 BETA Firmware available

Paul Saffren N6HZ
New BETA firmware for the P3/SVGA is available for download from: P3/SVGA BETA FIRMWARE

This new BETA release fixes a couple of issues found in the previous release on 1/14/2015 and also adds a few features which carry over from the PX3.  

Release Notes:

MCU 01.35 / 1-22-2015

* Added stepped span mode, like the PX3, span is stepped 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 & 200 KHz when enabled.
* Added per-band noise blanker enable and level.
* Added serial commands:
        #NBn NB enable, sets/gets on/off
        #NBLnn NB level, sets/gets level
        #SPMn Span mode, sets/gets
        #SVWBnn SVGA waterfall bias, sets/gets
        #SVDTn SVGA data on/off, sets/gets
        #SVENn SVGA enable, sets/gets
        #SVFNn SVGA font, sets/gets
        #SVFLn SVGA fill, sets/gets enable
        #SVRSn SVGA resolution, sets/gets
        #WFA n Waterfall averaging, sets/gets enable
        #WFCn Waterfall color, sets/gets
        #WFMn Waterfall markers, sets/gets enable

* Added ‘NB’ icon, displays on right of screen like PX3 when noise blanker enabled.
* Fixed a bug in which serial command AVG00 would not disable averaging on SVGA.

P3SVGA 01.22 / 1-22-2015

* Fixed bug that prevented waterfall markers from turning off from P3 menu
* Fixed a bug that caused the SVGA En (enable/disable) on the P3 to not work.