P3/SVGA Firmware 1.25/1.16 now available as a general release

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P3/SVGA Firmware 1.25/1.16 now available as a general release

Paul Saffren N6HZ
New P3/SVGA firmware version 1.25/1.16 is now available as a general release. It is strongly recommended that you download and install the latest version of P3 Utility available HERE.
This firmware update is recommended for all P3's, with or without the optional SVGA board.
For those with the SVGA option installed; this upgrade includes a new set of FPGA binaries. The total upgrade process may take as long as 15 minutes.

Release notes for these versions:

MCU 01.25 / 1-16-2013


* Added an SVGA menu option to store a bitmap copy of the external monitor screen to a USB mass storage device.
* Added SVGA menu options to save and restore the SVGA module's state to a USB mass storage device.
* Added an alternate 1920x1080 external display resolution that works better on some monitors.
* Eliminated extra characters on the display in certain circumstances when the SPAN adjustment is active and a span-set function key is pressed.
* The maximum SCALE value is properly clipped to 80 dB when changing SPAN with Menu:SpanScale set to "REF LVL &SCALE".
* Tweaked many parameter-setting routines to tune a little more slowly.
* Increased the memory depth of the algorithm that prevents false knob rotation when pressing the knob switch.
* Fixed a bug that caused an occasional wrong cursor width due to a missing mode command from the K3 when the SVGA is in data mode.
* The #RVS and #RVF commands respond properly if the SVGA option is not present (99.99) or has only boot-load firmware installed (00.00).
* The SVGA is reset after a firmware download to prevent an incorrect response to the #RVS command.
* The #FXT command properly sets the external SVGA as well as the main display.
* Fixed a bug involving downloading K3 firmware when the SVGA data display mode is enabled.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the external SVGA display to lock up when turning the knob on the P3.


P3SVGA 01.16 / 02-26-2013


* Red transmit cursor is a lighter shade.
* Added additional query of K3 during TX which should eliminate screen freeze some users were experiencing using MicroHam and other programs.
* Power computation routines now run under the optimizer resulting in faster screen updates.
* Two 1900x1080 resolutions are supported to work across a larger number of monitors.
* Added support for USB thumb drives (Mass Storage Devices) for screen shots and saving SVGA data terminal setup, macros and text messages.  Most thumb drives are supported.
* Screen shots are saved in .bmp format using the filename convention nnnnnnn.bmp .  The filename is incremented after every screen. Due to lack of a real time clock, the file date & time is     hard coded to 11-01-2010 9:00 am .
* Saving to the USB stick can be aborted by either pulling the stick, or by pressing the MENU key on the P3.  
* Added display of an onscreen message when a USB device (keyboard or MSD) is attached and detached.
* An uppercase M or K is now displayed in the lower right side of the data window status bar when a mass storage device or keyboard is attached.
* Fixed frequency display bug when transverter frequency is > 4 GHz
* Fixed bug in which top of markers & cursors were blanked over right and left frequency labels.
* Waterfall display no longer clears when changing between fixed tune and tracking modes.
* Fixed a bug that caused the VFO B cursor to suddenly vanish off the left side of the screen.
* Rebuilt all FPGA files using a new file format, and set their versions to 1.04.
* Fixed a bug that caused a phantom signal to appear near the center frequency immediately after switching from transmit to receive.
* Fixed screen save to USB drive to use monochrome color table when selected.



Paul Saffren - N6HZ
Project Manager
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