P3 wonky on 30 meters

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P3 wonky on 30 meters

Bob Novas
On 30 meters, and only on 30 meters, the P3 display does not agree with the
signals that the K3S receives. It's wrong by about 20 or 30 KHz. In other
words, where the P3 says there's signal, I hear nothing, but if I tune up
about 20-30KHz, I hear a signal that I think is what's on the P3.  Any
advice? Thanks, Bob W3Dk.

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Re: P3 wonky on 30 meters

Hi Bob,

The first thing I would try is to perform a parameter reset on the P3.  Note that this will erase any settings such as FN keys etc that you have programmed, so you may want to save the configuration with P3 Utility or write them down.

To perform the parameter reset, turn off the P3 and then while holding down the MENU key, press the POWER key.  If the parameter reset doesn't fix it, please contact Elecraft Customer Service via phone or email.  Their email is k3support at you know where dot com.