PX3 Updating on transmit on CW with VOX ?

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PX3 Updating on transmit on CW with VOX ?

I notice that if I use VOX for CW on my KX3 that the PX3 does not stop updating the waterfall display while I transmit, despite the CW VOX Delay being set to 0.75 sec for semi break-in as I am using external transverter and linear amplifier with slow relays and a sequencer.  

The TX LED on the KX3 correctly remains on while I key and the Send signal to the transverter is solidly on transmit, yet the PX3 ignores this and still updates the waterfall showing my transmit sidetone which is not what I want.

I could understand if the PX3 went back to displaying the receive between CW characters in full break in, but when the PTT signal from the KX3 to the transverter and amplifier is solidly asserted during the VOX delay it doesn't make sense to not stop the PX3 display from updating.

Using a foot switch to make the PTT in CW does stop the PX3 from updating during transmit.

Just trying to understand the logic to this anomaly on the KX3/PX3 combo.

73 from David GM4JJJ
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