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Praise for the Newsletter

Kevin - K4VD
Looking back at the archives this is Elecraft's second newsletter but first
with some real meat. Other items in the archive were advertising campaigns.
While the February newsletter had a nice article up front this latest issue
actually matches the quality of information I expect from E.

The Field Day tips are timely but these tips could be used for any day or
two in the field. I'm particularly looking forward to trying the tips on
antenna spacing and rig adjustments when we have two KX3s (and two backup
KX3s) in close proximity (same picnic table) in Floyd, VA for our club's
2017 2A Battery FD effort.

Keep this kind of writing up and I'll be looking forward to every new
issue. I would love to see some practical articles on portable setups
including antenna options. Maybe highlight some hams using Elecraft in
various situations. Maybe a new tip each issue similar to the all the tips
on the current newsletter.

One thing I noticed, the blue bar across the top shows this latest
newsletter is the *April *issue.

Kev K4VD
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