[QRO] KXPA100-AT ~ Can antenna 2 be disabled?

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[QRO] KXPA100-AT ~ Can antenna 2 be disabled?

Is it possible to disable antenna 2? The warning "Be sure you have an antenna or dummy load connected to the active antenna port before transmitting" is a bit animus for my occasional fumble fingers. I guess I could just remember to hook up a 100w dummy load to antenna 2 when I set up, but it would be nice to just remove the possibility via FW.

My KAT500 always remembers the last antenna used for the selected band. So I guess that would be true with the AT in the KXPA100 and I could make sure to set up each band I use with the correct antenna selection. The mistake I don't want to make is holding the AT Tune / ANT button instead of taping it and thereby selecting antenna 2. On the K3 they are two different buttons and I am really unlikely to make the mistake.

I thought I read a post on this before, but could not find it in my searches.  Tnx  ..mike  AI6II