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QRPworks Ham Central Terminal

Shel Radin KF0UR

The user manual was just uploaded to the Files section of the Yahoo KX3 user group. It will be available on our website www.QRPworks.com soon.   We had many visitors to our booth in Dayton requesting more information on what the Ham Central Terminal does and how it works.  The manual does a good job of explaining all of its features and how to use them.

By the way, this terminal is an outgrowth of the original Data Depot described on this reflector almost a year ago.  We received much feedback about your desires for what you would like the Data Depot to do and the Ham Central Terminal is the final result.

Like Elecraft, the Ham Central Terminal can easily be re-loaded with free software updates as they become available.  These updates will be made available on our website, www.QRPworks.com.

For those of you who have reserved a delivery slot, we are much appreciative.  We will notify each of you individually when we are ready to ship to make make payment arrangements.


Shel Radin KF0UR and Steve Silverman KB3SII