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Wayne mentioned that Elecraft is using the newest Analog Devices 32-bit DSP.

That is likely the 3rd generation Super Harvard Architecture (SHARC) family of programmable DSPs. 

IF so, be curious which specific unit Elecraft chose -- ADSP-2116N ?

which is the newest member of the SHARC family. 


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I note that Wayne makes a point of the fact that the DSP in the KX3 is 32-bit, floating point.

This buzz phrase is also used by other manufacturers to tout their DSPs,

but I can't find any similar description of the DSP hardware in the K3.

To raise again a point that was mentioned yesterday:

if there's a potential for getting more DSP horsepower in the K3, I'm sure that many K3 owners would happily pay for a retrofit.

Tony KT0NY

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