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bill steffey
At 06:27 PM 10/18/2018, you wrote:
>Hi Bill,
>Try deleting (or renaming) the preferences file,
>"W2Prefs". It may have somehow become corrupted.
>On Windows 7 or later it's located in:


i tried the first way   then your delete the prefs....file .no luck.

i went to displays ...and made my main display  not my main display ....

tada ,,,, i was able to move the w2 image around  ./..
back to other displays and then back to my main
display ...and now have control.

i will now reboot and see if all stays good  ,
this all may be a result of me deleting the 'prefs' ????

thanks fior reply

>On Windows XP it's in:
>C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data
>Let me know if this doesn't help and we'll try something else.
>David, W4SMT
>On Thursday, October 18, 2018, 10:32:58 AM EDT,
>bill steffey <[hidden email]> wrote:
>i use three monitors and my W2 screen locks itself up top so I cannot
>close it or move it.
>I could not find anĂ‚  "ini" file to amend the screen position.
>How do i reposition that application ( which
>does not appear to be "installed")
>bill ny9h
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