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I you always use LP-Bridge and have a spare serial port, you can feed
the amp directly from one of the LP-Bridge Output ports. The protocol is
Kenwood, 4800 baud.


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> Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2015 09:52:46 -0600
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> Subject: [Elecraft] K3S RS232 "Y" Connector causing port conflict
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> I have an OM2500A amp that works perfectly with my K3S when it is the
> only thing connected to the RS232 of my K3S.
> I am using LP-Bridge and Na3P to create a panadapter and this works
> perfectly when the computer is the only thing connected to the RS232 of
> my K3S.
> The manual shows how to use a RS232 "Y" splitter so that two devices can
> share the RS232 port of the K3S, but when I use the "Y" splitter (one
> side to the OM2500A amp and one side to the computer) the following
> malfunctions occur:
> 1. The OM2500A display rapidly changes from the correct VFO frequency to
> an out-of-band frequency over 2 Mhz away.
> 2. The pandapter frequency readout ceases to function.
> I assume there is a port conflict, and I wonder if anyone knows the
> correct pin-out of the RS232 line to the OM amp so that it will be a
> passive listener on the DB9 cable?
> Thanks,
> Charles K5UA

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