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Hi Peter,

Although we have not tested that specific brand of alkaline cell, in
general alkaline cells when compared to NiMH or LI cells show much
higher internal resistance.  This is of course why they are not as
suitable for high-current use, and though the Duracell cells also
measure 1.55 V open-circuit, when drawing any significant current (>250
mA) they quickly sag to less than 1.3 V.  We have tested a Duracell
alkaline, the results are here:

The rechargable alkaline technology has been around for quite a while,
Eveready used to sell them, but due to charging difficulties such as
cells leaking during charge, they were discontinued.  I suggest using
them in an external holder until you are sure they will behave...

Cheers & 73,
Howie - WA4PSC

On 10/10/2018 6:47 AM, [hidden email] wrote:

> Hi all,
> did anybody tested these PURE ENERGY RAM cells AA size 1,5V / 3000mAh in
> KX3?
> I found in spec. that they are Alkaline-Manganese technology cells which are
> not dedicated
> for permanent high current (over 1A) consumption equipment...
> It is promising 12V instead of 9.6V in 8pcs pack. the only external charger
> should be used as
> same as LiPol...
> Thank for info.

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