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Re: [K2] USB version for USB to serial adapter (Neil Zampella)

Randy Heise

I believe you can use USB1 or USB2 cables on a USB3 box but your transfer
rate will fall to the lowest number USB device in the line. I know that is
the case with 3 to 2 so I¹m assuming it to be the case with 1. Besides,
the KIO2 is only talking at 48oo baud.That said, the FTDI Chip set seems
to be the key to everything working. The biggest thing is to remember to
plug the FTDI cable into KIO2 CABLE and not directly to the KIO2. Doing
that will cause the K2 to do some very interesting calisthenics and could
damage the KIO2! Experience talking and luckily got away with no damage.

Randy, NB7E

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