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Re: K3S soundcard after Windows 1903 update

I forgot to correct the subject.  I updated to V. 1903.

Jim N7US

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I found it hiding in All Settings-->System-->Sound-->Input (or right click on the speaker icon-->Open sound Settings), where I was able to choose my input device and rename it (to Elecraft K3S RX) and pick the icon for a circuit board.  Now it appears in the MMTTY configuration and DXLab's WinWarbler.

Jim N7US

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The K3S line out is missing.

Jim N7US

From: Ed W0YK

Sent: Thursday, June 13, 4:42 PM

Subject: Re: [Elecraft] K3S soundcard after Windows 1809 update

To: Jim N7US, Elecraft Reflector

It just so happens I was at Elecraft a couple hours ago testing a K3/KIO3B with a Win10 1903 notebook and a Win7 notebook.  Both saw Line In and Line Out on the Codec.

Did Windows possibly disable the Line Out?  Or, is it not even listed?

BTW, is the missing device the K3 LINE OUT  (PC Line In) signal, or the PC Line Out (K3 LINE IN) signal?


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From: Jim N7US <[hidden email]>

Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2019 14:35

To: Elecraft Reflector ([hidden email]) <[hidden email]>

Subject: K3S soundcard after Windows 10 V. 1903 update

After the update to Windows 1809, Windows isn't seeing the line-out CODEC of my K3S.  It recognizes the line-in one just fine.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Jim N7US

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