Reality check on KX-1 initial rcvr adjustments

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Reality check on KX-1 initial rcvr adjustments

Peter N. Spotts-3
Hi folks,

Just finished off the receiver section of my KX-1 last night. In
tweaking the  trimmers (Thanks, NORCAL QRP Club, for my signal source,
your maker-generator kit!), I noticed a sharper peak with the 40m cap
than with either of the two 20 meter caps. Is this expected? Or do I
need to go back a step or two and correct something?

With best regards,


Peter N. Spotts -- W1PNS 
Email: [hidden email] | Skype: pspotts
QCWA #34679 | SKCC #4853T | QRP-ARCI #4174
NEQRP #714 | NAQCC #2446 | WARC-CC #147

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