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Speaker distortion KX3

Arthur Nienhouse
I think for the most part the vibration that sets off the distortion is
mechanical and the hardest to find, I was changing the batteries
out for charging up to  3 times a day I found every time I closed the
case up the target ( finding the buzzing ) was a moving.
I have changed out a speaker with out having a side by side its hard
to determine if that helped a before and after is not good enough.
I have not tried to record anything yet./*
Case fit is critical would be my first guess speaker fit as well.
*/It also seems to be related to frequency of cw monitor I like 500 pitch
I have heard a two tone cw monitor report at times.
If there is not KXPD3 installed the problem is worse.

I agree Don can't expect to much from this small speaker
This is in no way a show stopper just means you need to transport
speaker's/speaker headphones or ear buds I really like the ear buds I have
been using for years.
Creative Labs EP-630
6kh to 23khz
16 ohm
106 db sensitivity
I can run the volume at 1 setting and about 2 on the monitor for cw side tone.
This is not a game changer for me this radio is amazing customer support is
simply the best and greatly appreciated.


That small speaker - if driven to high volumes*will*  distort - there is
nothing that can be done about that.
As far as the mechanical vibration, that is quite another thing.
Look all around the speaker mounting plate - there should be a gap
between that plate and the bottom cover.  Be certain you can drag a
sheet of paper into the gaps - if the paper is tight, a bit of filing

/*Don this area of my upper case that has the right angle break
bend is touching just a bit on one side I separated these two
half's with a very thin putty knife and set the thumb screw
back tight if this is the area you are talking about it will
have to be modified so the gap is there.

I set the case half's with plenty of gap in this area and still
feel the buzzing at monitor volume 13 the tone is harsh but placing
my thumb on the center of the speaker changes it to mellow.
is removing the grill cloth supposed to fix this I have tried it
both ways with two speakers, with no joy.

*/(or forming) may be in order to widen the gap.

If there is already an adequate gap, please let us know that too -
Elecraft is searching for the source of this mysterious vibration.

/*Don in your opinion how much is to much cw side tone monitor
volume which can be excepted as maximum using the internal


On 7/19/2012 11:15 AM, Andrew Moore wrote:

> >  My KX3's speaker audio starts to distort as higher volumes at certain
> >  frequencies. It's pretty clear that it's a mechanical vibration, and I can
> >  dampen it by doing things such as applying pressure to the left lever of
> >  the paddle, or gently pressing on the grille. I'm aware of the AGC
> >  threshold adjustment, but that doesn't appear to be the problem.
> >
> >  I've tried adjusting the speaker mounting screws and blowing compressed air
> >  gently into the speaker to make sure there's no debris in there.
> >
> >  Any other suggestions? Should be relatively easy to fix. Maybe a thin
> >  rubber gasket between the speaker and the enclosure would do it.
> >
> >  I really like the internal speaker and would like to use it, as opposed to
> >  an external one.
> >
> >  I love this rig!
> >
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