Timing of P3 and K3 macro commands

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Timing of P3 and K3 macro commands

Dan AE9K
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I operate in DATA A mode most of the time and found that the P3 QSY while in
DATA A doesn't include the offset to the middle of the filter pass-band.
Argh!  To compensate I thought I'd write a macro to QSY then decrement the
VFO by 1.5 kHz to bring a signal into the middle (assuming the FC is at the
default which it is for me usually).  This is what I tried:


I've launched this from both the P3 and K3 utilities and I get the same
results.  Either the #QSY works or the 1.5 kHz down-shift works but not
both.  If I send the commands separately, I have to wait a couple of seconds
after the #QSY before sending the DN commands.  Otherwise, the K3 ignores
the DN commands.

I looked in the programmer reference docs for wait commands or some
directive to make commands work synchronously but didn't find anything.

What's the trick to getting P3 and K3 commands that both affect the same VFO
to play nice from one macro?


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