Tonight -- Win a Great Mountaintop Musical Chairs QRP Contest Door Prize from Your Home QTH !!!

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Tonight -- Win a Great Mountaintop Musical Chairs QRP Contest Door Prize from Your Home QTH !!!


Mark your calendars and see if you can work all 8 stations transmitting from Monte Sano tonight!
Rules/Info for Those Calling the Mountaintop Musical Chairs QRP Contest Contestants:
Thanks for the space (and your patience). I made the first posting too brief. Hopefully, this gives the gang everything they need to compete for the really fine QRP prize.
1) Contest will be conducted from the Monte Sano State Campgrounds Saturday evening (8/18/12) for 1 to 1.5 hours. The contest will start at approximately 7:15 CDST2) Eight (8) QRPers, for Four 2-person teams, will compete on Monte Sano. 3) Monte Sano teams will use Both of their callsigns with /4 (i.e. Portable Operation)4) Teams use one of their callsigns in their 1st 15-minutes, & their other callsign in their 2nd 15-minutes.5) Contest exchange (both ways) will be: Callsign, Signal Report, SPC and QRP ARCI # or Power (examples: KX7XXX 599 CO 5W, or KX7XXX 599 CO NR 5555)5) Only 2 HF Bands will be used: One around 7.050 MHz; the other around 14.050 MHz6) The two Monte Sano stations will each use an Elecraft KX3 and Force-12 Sigma-40XK Antenna.7) Stations competing for the special Non-Monte Sano QRP Contest prize must:      A) Transmit CW with not more than 5-watts.      B) Capture each callsign and exchange correctly      C) Submit their log info via email to NM4T via  [hidden email] not later than midnight CDST Monday, 8/20/128) The winner will be determined by whomever works the most Monte Sano Contest stations. (In the case of a tie, the winner’s name will be randomly drawn.)9) The winner’s name will be posted and the prize mailed by Wednesday, 8/22/12.
Mountaintop Musical Chairs QRP Contest Operating Plan (Times are CDST):
7:00 PM  Teams are selected and scheduled7:15 PM Team callsigns 1A 40M and 2A 20M start their 30-minute operating shift 7:30 PM  The “Swap Stations” music plays, then Team callsigns 1B 20M and 2B 40M finish their competition shift7:45 PM  The “Swap Teams Music” plays. Then, team callsigns 3A 40M and 4A 20M start their 30-minute operating shift8:00 PM  The “Swap Stations” music plays, then Team callsigns 3B 20M and 4B 40M finish their competition shift8:15 PM  The contest is over, the Monte Sano team logs are reviewed and winners are selected. (Their scores are calculated based on the number of contacts time the sum of the bonus point gained by the number of SPC’s, Countries and ARCI numbers worked.)
Thanks and good luck in this contest! (We have a really nice price for the winner ;-)
72/73 & DX,
Craig W. Behrens -- NM4T
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