Transverter + K3 power problem

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Transverter + K3 power problem

Hi all,
I discover a problem using a external transverter with the K3 - this
machine is going to cost me nerves !
I use a external transverter for 144 MHz using XVTR out/in break out BNC.
When I'm in ssb mode and push xmit "without connected any microphone" my
transverter shows  power up to his max. of 60w.
When I switch K3 monitor on -> level 50 there is a noise like a motor
from a driving car. So there must be Pout from K3.
Also I can't regulate the power on the K3 for driving the transverter.
Same is in DATA-A mode.
In FM mode this effect is not there.
I checked all I could in the config menu but did not any fault setting.
Any help on this strange problem ?
best regards Erwin/DK5EW

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