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WTB: Heathkit SB-300 SB-301 SB-303 SB- 401 Parts - More Info

Andy Cunningham-2

Hello Again Folks From "Bonnie Scotland"...

Re: My post to the list yesterday regarding my need for some parts from Old
Heathkit equipment..

Just incase there is any confusion...

I am looking for ONLY the Case\Enclosure and the inside "Chassis" of one Of
the above pieces of equipment...  I am "not" currently looking to purchase
A "fully loaded" example of these radio's...

I am currently undertaking a new project.. which still has a ways to go
before completion, so a case\enclosure and chassis would help no-end with
the final Accomplishment...

Let me say a HUGE Thankyou to everyone that has taken the time so far... to
post Both the list and personally to me with things that they have found
while surfin The net..

I however have still to find an example either of the parts that I need and
still need to purchase these items...

I have looked previously at some other older models of Heathkit equipment on
Well known auction site we all know and love... However I feel and have
That the enclosure\case(s) from the above model(s) are more suited to the
I am about undertake therefore don't feel that any other "type\kind" of
Enclosure would suite my needs...

So again let me remind you all .. if there is anyone out there that has or
knows of anyone who may have these above pieces lying around.. surplus to
requirements, and wants to sell.. please contact me OFF list directly at the
e-mail address below.. then perhaps we can do a deal...

72's 73's
GM0NWI [hidden email]

K2 S/n 01432 "Fully Loaded" QRP
K2 S/n 05469 "Fully Loaded" QRO

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