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When you are SK - or better, before you go

Edward A. Dauer
This subject comes up from time to time, and it is worth considering.  The idea of having a ham friend known to the family who could help with disposition is a very good idea.  There is another, which I have mentioned before with the same caveat as now -- I can't give legal advice about estates and the like on a reflector, but I would suggest anyone who knows where they would like their gear to go -- to a school or a club or a friend or a family member, for example -- might ask their lawyer or whoever does their estate planning about something called a "Memorandum Disposition of Personal Property."  It may have different names in different states, but it's generally available -- and in my view worth knowing about.

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    OTOH, I know someone who bought a like-new KX3, fully equipped with all
    options, at an estate auction for $215.00.
    Some newbie ham got a "hand-up" getting started in HF with that deal.
    On 5/5/19 15:36 PM, David Christ wrote:
    > Authors often have literary executors to deal with their papers when they die.  I might suggest that all of us work out an arrangement where one or more hams are identified to help with gear dispersal after we are gone.  Make sure the spouse and heirs are informed of this.
    > David K0LUM
    >> On May 5, 2019, at 5:21 PM, EricJ <[hidden email]> wrote:
    >> Wait til you find out your kids usually throw all your ham gear in a dumpster when you go permanent QRT.
    >> Eric KE6US

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