X3 Utility problem: serial port is closed

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X3 Utility problem: serial port is closed

Edward A. Dauer
Hank, I cannot offer any technical help but I can offer empathy, be it ever so OT.

I often have the same problem with N1MM.  Some days it finds a port; some days it doesn't.  There is no correlation that I can discern with anything I do -- including cussing, fiddling, supplication, offering to negotiate, lunar phases, making contributions to charitable causes, turning devices on and off . . .

I am convinced the digital world has escaped its creators and created an unruly universe of its own.  Hamlet was prescient:  "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

In bocca al lupo,


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    I have done all of those things and no change.  As I said every other piece of software that needs the KXUSB grabs it and uses it fine ? just not the utility software.
    There is something to the driver installation ? it shows as incomplete, but reinstalling the FTDI drivers from the FTDI website still does not fix the problem.  There is still an event message saying that the installation did not complete.
    I realizer this is not an Elecraft issue, I?m just looking for help.

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