XG3 Firmware revision 1.19 Available for download

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XG3 Firmware revision 1.19 Available for download

XG3 Firmware revision 1.19 has been released.  Use the XG3 Utility to copy the files from the Elecraft FTP server and perform the download to your XG3.   You can get the latest version of the XG3 Utility from our website: http://www.elecraft.com/XG3/xg3.htm#xg3util

This revision has the ability to use 'meta-characters' in the 'W' command.  Previous versions only allowed meta-characters  to be used in the Morse Memory feature.   This new feature allows a user to connect their XG3 to a PC via the XG3 Utility and create multiple command sequences using the 'Command Tester' Utility page.   Please refer to the XG3 Product Manual for more information regarding Morse meta-characters.

Release notes:

Revision 1.19 February 6, 2017

• The serial command ‘W’ can now interpret the same meta-characters that the Morse memory (WM) command utilizes.  This allows the XG3 Utility’s Command Tester to invoke a variety of complex macros using the programmable buttons in the Utility.  Macros executed via the ‘W’ command can contain up to 93 characters.

Very 73,

Paul N6HZ