XV432 Frequency and Power Stability

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XV432 Frequency and Power Stability

Hi All,

I finished assembling a XV432 transverter and seem to have a little
problem with both power and frequency stability. After going through the
alignment steps, the power starts dropping from 20W down to about 10
after sending CW into a dummy load for 20 seconds or so. During this
time, the frequency drifts about 100 Hz. (Enough to detect a pitch
change in another receiver.)

I installed Q1 using the Teflon spacer. I have the crystal oven
installed and the transverter was powered on for about 30 minutes or so
before I aligned it. (JP9 is on 4-5.) The part values appear to be
correct. The problem appears if I use a 5W source or a 1 milliwatt
source. (Changing JP3,4,5,6 accordingly.) My radio is a SDR-5000A.

The power module doesn't get warm.

I do NOT have the extra 5 turn coil and the 10pf capacitor installed on
the power module. (Rev C1 errata.)

Has anybody else had this problem and if so, how did you fix it.


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Re: XV432 Frequency and Power Stability

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I built two XV432'2 in the last week and both of them exhibit the same power drift problem that you mention.
Did anyone ever come up with a solution to the problem?

Ian - K8MM