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Run windoz apps on Macs without running Widows 0 replies [HAM]
Run windows app on a Mac without running Windoz! 0 replies [HAM]
test... really, just a test 0 replies [OT]
Sunspots are back??? 3 replies Elecraft
Colors 0 replies Elecraft
Re: K3 in different colors? 3 replies Elecraft
Wayne...Eric...K2 with USB anytime soon?? 2 replies Elecraft
Mac Logger DX, K2 and Intel/Mac... 1 reply Elecraft
I need a very small antenna analyzer that... 0 replies Elecraft
Come on Guys spill the beans it is midnight in Ohio and therefore Saturday...come on...tell 0 replies Elecraft
When will The Guys anounce the "NEW" product in Dayton??? And when will 1 reply Elecraft
Bozo gets his... 0 replies Elecraft
<no subject> 0 replies Elecraft
What Firmware version is the K2 currently at? Nt 0 replies Elecraft
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