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New KPA1500 feature: ATU TUNE integration with K3 and K3S transceivers 1 reply Elecraft
Re: [KX2] Cannot turn off switch cw tones 0 replies Elecraft
Re: (OT) - Unplanned Discovery 0 replies Elecraft
Re: Beep 0 replies Elecraft
New K3 remote control/macro command: "TM" (TX metering mode); useful for FT8, etc. 0 replies Elecraft
New KX3 field-test firmware, rev. 2.82 4 replies Elecraft
Re: Just RX'd KX3 Serial No. 10,028! 0 replies Elecraft
Re: K2 and KX3 with A/B switch 1 reply Elecraft
On CW 32 replies Elecraft
KX2 talk at Foothill ARS, Oct. 27th 1 reply Elecraft
Answers to a few additional questions about the AX1 antenna 0 replies Elecraft
Elecraft AX1 antenna prototype & Pacificon antenna symposium 5 replies Elecraft
KX2 remote control via the MH3 mic: ready for mobile/portable testing 0 replies Elecraft
OT (sort of): Hams Help Communications With Puerto Rico 0 replies Elecraft
Re: Order Page Certificate Expired 0 replies Elecraft
Re: KX2 built in mic 1 reply Elecraft
New KX3 manual errata, rev. C5-3, now available 0 replies Elecraft
Re: Back to VFO linking. 1 reply Elecraft
Re: relatively newbie - what's your best tip for me? 1 reply Elecraft
Re: [DETECTED AS SPAM] 630M 1 reply Elecraft
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